It was the year 2009 in my tiny apartment in San Fransisco - I was with my little baby boy that would make the worst part of my sleep deprived-self light up with joy, that the idea of SwipenSnap came to me.

As a single mom working full time while taking care of Ayden, time was something I had very little of. I remember attending meetings with diaper cream under my fingernails and sometimes on my business attire. After a client asked me “what is that white stuff” I was determined to find a solution.

I began envisioning a product that would not only keep my hands clean from the cream but also make process quick and easy.

- Alina, Inventor & Founder of SwipenSnap

SwipenSnap isn’t just a diaper cream applicator, it is my dream come true and you are a part of that dream. And I am so grateful that you are. May it make your life easier and give you more precious time with your little one.

With Love,