5 Min Self Love Hacks for Busy Moms

Here at SwipenSnap we believe that a happy baby starts with a happy mommy. Hopefully, you can spare 5 minutes to treat yourself to some self-love.

1. Drink a cup of tea. When drinking it, wrap your palms around it. The heat at our palms will allow your nervous system to calm down.

2. Mediated for 5 min. Find a quiet space to sit still in, take long deep inhales and long deep exhales. This will naturally help relieve stress and anxiety.

3. Listen to your favorite song. Create a playlist of songs that just make you happy.

4. Walk barefoot on grass or the earth. This is one of those hippy teaching tips that really works.

5. Get sunkissed for a few minutes. We are like plants so getting fresh air and vitamin D from the sun is essential for us to flourish.

If you could spare 30 min at least once a week try these: 

1. Take an Epson salt bath

2. Watch the sunset.

3. Stretch your body with your breath.