All women know the difficulties of getting ready in the morning - now imagine that while dealing with diaper cream that needs to be applied 10 times a day. Not only is it difficult to keep babies clean and safe, but now you have to deal with diaper cream on your hands that is challenging to remove. The SwipenSnap solves all these problems. Save time and be mess free by applying diaper rash cream in less than 30 seconds with the SwipenSnap.

I went from being a beauty pageant contestant to working in corporate America, while supporting my infant and partner. It was a very difficult transition - which is the reason why I started this company and invented the SwipenSnap - to support other women on their journeys.

- Alina, Founder of SwipenSnap

Like many millennial women, I was the primary breadwinner in my family with an infant and a stay at home partner. It was a constant challenge to keep my life balanced and I searched for products to make my day easier. When I could not find efficient baby products I decided to take matters into my own hands - 3 years later I’d like to introduce the SwipenSnap.