SwipenSnap is a new way of applying diaper cream! The super soft and flexible applicator is gentle on your baby's skin while being super quick and easy for you! Win-Win 👏
Here are some brands we love:

Desitin ® Diaper Cream 4 oz.
Balmex ® Diaper Cream 4 oz.
Mustela Baby ® Diaper Cream 3.8 oz.
A&D ® Diaper Cream 4 oz.
Pinkxav ® Diaper Cream 4 oz.
Dr. Smiths ® Diaper Cream 3 oz.
Palmers ® Bottom Butter 4.4

P.S. Our Gen II Launching June 2019 will fit ALL tubes.
      1. Replace the cap of the diaper cream with the SwipenSnap applicator
      2. Attach the suction base to any hard surface - even a window lol 🤣
      3. Place Applicator into the suction cup base lid.
  • 1. Pull the tube from the suction lid
  • 2. Squeeze the desired amount of cream
  • 3. Swipe it on the skin and "snap" it back into the lid
Wow, that was super quick!! 👏
Use a sanitary wipe (or baby wipe) to clean the applicator tip. You can also use soap and water or throw it in the dishwasher.
Of course!! The applicator tip is super soft and gentle on your baby's skin.
Not really - did you know that you can spread germs from your fingers onto your baby’s skin? Pediatricians recommend washing your hands right before applying the ointment ... and we all know that's not always possible.
Absolutely. It is Lab-Certified hygienic because it prevents the spread of germs from your fingers onto your baby’s skin. Still skeptical? read a pediatrician case study here.